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Kid Elberfeld New York Yankees Baseball cards

Kid Elberfeld Norman Arthur (Kid) Elberfeld was nicknamed 'The Tabasco Kid' and played 14 seasons in the major leagues (1898 - 1913, he did not play in 1900 or 1912). In 1903 the Yankees (Highlanders) got Kid in a trade with the Detroit Tigers for Herman Long and Ernie Courtney. Kid played for the Yankees (Highlanders) for 7 seasons (1903 - 1909). The Yankees (Highlanders) sold the rights to Kid to the Washington Senators in 1909. Kid was an infielder playing mostly short and third, he lifetime batting average was .271 and his lifetime fielding percentage was .923. When his playing days were over, Elberfeld continue to coach. He was a minor league manager in Chattanooga and Little Rock up until he retired from baseball in 1941. Early in his baseball career Elberfeld bought an apple orchard on Signal Mountain, near Chattanooga, TN where he had his home at his death in January of 1944. Elberfeld is buried at the Chattanooga Memorial Park cemetery.

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Card# Set
1902 Sporting Life W600 Sporting Life Cabinets
1906 Fan Craze WG2
1908 Rose Company PC760 Postcards
1909 ATC T206
1909 Ramly T204

Kid Elberfeld